mytpt. is a playful way to discover better ways of collaboration.

What is MyTeamPlaningTool? (mytpt.)

It's an online tool for businesses

What do I use it for?

To build new structures with teams, roles and connections

Who is it for?

Teams facing change

What's the benefit?

Clarity and transparency on who does what, why and with whom

What are some common use cases?
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Implement customer centricity

Build a sustainability team

Establish key account management

Kick-off a new operating model
Start a new team

What does mytpt. look like?
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7 color coded lists:

Where is the magic?
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FOCUS MODE lets you build TEAMS out of ROLES and puts them into REPORTS for PEOPLE

Are you facing one or more of these questions?

  • The pandemic hit, everyone left to do home office or work from a remote location. Now some of them come back, some stay away, some come in sometimes .... Seems a little difficult to manage and clarity is needed!

  • My team grew and grew - somehow the structure does not make sense anymore

  • We are doing so many new things and hired new specialists, our structure does not reflect the needs or even reality anymore

  • all these new specialists know their subjects much better than their bosses - how can I get them away from "Command & Control" leadership styles?

  • We are ready for more "Frame & Trust" - but how and where to set these frames??

  • How can I help my team to be better connected and stay that way? Inside and to the outside ...

  • Why can't the way we organize develop together with what we do?

  • The job descriptions that we have today have really no meaning at all. We use them once for hiring and then never again. Why can't they develop with the work and the people?

  • Our (sub)departments are not helping us in our daily business. Can't I just "delete" them?

  • We are bad at managing projects and clarifying roles and responsibilities. How and where can we define and live all that?

  • Do I really need to create a new level in the hierarchy pyramid?

  • Or: We definitely have too many hierarchy levels! What can we do?

Well, I have heard these and similar questions over and over again, which made me think 2 things:

a) We need new ideas for structuring teams and
b) We need a good tool to do that!

mytpt. makes sense, because ...

  • ... companies only do job descriptions for the ad on Monster and LinkedIn and as an attachment of the job contract.

  • ... what people actually do in their day-to-day routine is very often something completely different and keeps changing.

  • ... up-to-date org charts are hardly ever available when you need them, and modern roles are so inter-linked that it is hard to represent the complexity of today's new flexibility.

mytpt. is the place, where ...

  • ... all necessary roles, teams and connections are built and developed.

  • ... everything you discuss about "who does what" is always documented.

  • ... all team members can check what is expected from them at all times.


For now mytpt. is free of charge! It automatically comes with my consulting service. When you do a team structure project with me, I will use mytpt. as working and documentation tool and hand it over to you after completion of the project for unlimited further use free of charge.

Late this year there will also be an online subscription model.

These are some of our happy mytpt. users:

Team: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Network: Photo by Omar Flores on Unsplash