I was ​born in 1974 and have spent 9 years in traditional advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, JWT​ or Y&R as an account person.

After a sabbatical, where I worked as a fitness coach in a hotel on the Maldives for a year, I started my career in digital, spending another 8 years in agencies like Razorfish, MRM or FullSIX and focussed more on strategic planning and the integration of disciplines.

Always having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, too, in the same time I opened two own agencies, a b-to-b online portal and a bar and have lived in Frankfurt, Paris and Berlin.

Today I consider myself beyond the question of traditional or digital - it is relevance, collaboration and experiences that count in this so called VUCA world!

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*happyhappyjoyjoy was the beginning of my vision, it became a blog and a 2-day-workshop (today: Relevance Methodology). It now lives in my approaches for more relevance (in marketing), more collaboration (at the workplace) and experiences (at the POS) - all together for less fake joy and more real attention.