"Workshop" is such a general term - but as I love to work with people and teams from the ground up to emerge into topics and issues, a workshop is always a great point to start , to get deeper, and to find solutions everyone agrees to. So here are a few different workshops formats I have done in my past - these are just examples so you can get an idea of my work:

Relevance Methodology Workshops

This is the essence of my brand strategy thinking. When you have heard about it, or met my at a conference of in a school, there are 2 ways to get to know the methodology for your concrete brand or case. There is the "Relevance Quickie" that can be done in 4-6 hours and will give you a first rough idea about the methodology and its results. And then there is the "full monty" where you should plan at least 2 days.

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Creative Strategy Workshops

My thinking aims for brand strategy but is rooted in creativity. Creative solutions are always found best when they are inspired by strategy. Let's think together what you want to stand for and then see what that means together. It is nearly impossible to judge a strategy when you cannot imagine, what it will look like in real life!

Product Innovation Workshops

Based on what you have - what are potential areas for your brand to expand into? And again: What could this look like? Let's think brand first, then portfolio, then trends and finally - and most importantly - people.

And then let's build new things - maybe with Lego ;)

Workflow Workshops

How do work together? How do we integrate the new thinking in our process? Do we need new people? New job descriptions? New tools?

I analyze your existing workflow, match it with our objectives (or we work them out, too, first ;), then we build a new one, work on it, test it, teach it and measure its performance on the go.

Check out the Canvasation Lab

What do we want/need Workshops

A lot of fixed workshop formats are not the right ones for you. I have come to understand that every problem is different and every company has different needs, even if the problem is very similar. But that's what makes it interesting. Let's go through the "standard" approaches and see how we personalize them for you.

The results could be checklists for your next strategies or campaigns or HR rules.

Inspirational Workshops

You know this feeling: Normal everyday tasks keep you too busy to break out and think with an open mind. I have heard so often "oh my god, this was the first time that I spent 15 minutes thinking about my target group". Which, of course, is horrible ;)

If you have the chance to block a day or at least half a day, I can help you breaking out oft the thinking patterns you are used to, ask a different set of questions, push you out of the comfort zone and make you find new ways to approach your daily tasks.


LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique for use in organisations, teams and individuals.

It was developed in 1995 for the LEGO company as a unique workshop method, based on a variety of psychological philosophies, amongst which: “hand learning”.

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