business consultant for brand strategy, sustainability and org design.

Let's build more dream teams - with teamdecoder and me

teamdecoder enables role-based work in a team and helps team leads to be better managers by giving them more time and focus.

Working without clear roles, responsibilities and expectations creates confusion, conflict and dissatisfaction and that costs money, energy and time. Let's tackle this together! 

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Inventor of the Relevance Methodology

The RM helps brands create relationships with people, based on a simple framework asking simple questions, such as: Who are you? or: What kind of realtionship do you want to have with whom? 

Author of the books Beyond Digital and The Anti Greenwashing Book

"Beyond Digital" is the story of the Relevance Methodology

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"The Anti-Greenwashing-Book" is the application of the Relevance Methodology for companies who want to be more sustainable.

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