Kai Platschke

Business and marketing consultant for relevance, collaboration and sustainability.

I mainly work with these 3 proprietary concepts:

mytpt is a playful way to discover, implement and continuously improve a new form of work organization.

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A step by step approach to help brands build and maintain a relevant relationship with a group of people.

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How to be more sustainable, have a positive impact on planet and people, and use sustainability to bond.

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Relevance is where it all started for me and what needs to be at the core of everything.

Brand strategy is my home base, where it all started. Having experienced, how the world changed, what most ad agencies offer vs what most companies need, I developed the Relevance Methodology - a simple framework and workshop concept that helps brands to create relevant relationships with people through topics, conversations, behavior and projects - before working with an agency. The story of its creation, all background info and step by step tutorial on how the methodology works, is available in the book "Beyond Digital - A Brand Approach For More Relevance".

Topics in Relevance:


The Relevance Methodology

Deutsches Video "Was ist eigentlich ... die Relevanzmethode?" auf Youtube

my book Beyond Digital - A Brand Approach For More Relevance

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Create Relationships With The Relevance Methodology

Collaboration is where it all led to - because there is no new thinking without new working.

This area is a direct result from my other consulting topics. What I mean is: I am not a classical new work consultant, but I have helped so many companies in changing their thinking, that helping them to implement this thinking by adapting organization, workflows and ways of working I automatically became experienced in this area.

I use a proprietary tool called "mytpt" (Team Planning Tool) to develop structure through roles, circles and governance. Within the teams I work with an approach I call "Canvasation Lab", where we create games that help new teams handle new ways of working. And I am official LEGO (R) Serious Play (R) Facilitator.

Topics in Collaboration:


My thinking on new work

more info about mytpt (My Team Planning Tool)

another team tool: "Canvasation"

and a great workshop facilitation technique: LEGO (R) Serious Play (R)

Drive Collaboration With MyTeamPlanningTool

And the right kind of sustainability should be mandatory for all companies, anyways. But what is "right", right?

The way we do business has to change. The awareness for this need grows, but few know how to act. In my new book "Nachhaltigkeit als Markenpurpose" ("sustainability as a brand purpose", currently only available in German) I use the Relevance Methodology to help companies create this purpose, with the objective to be more sustainable internally (value creation chain), have a positive effect on the environment and to create relevant relationships with people outside the company to help them live a more sustainable life.

The contents of the book also exist as online tutorials and workbook for DIY purposes! And the thinking is continued in our consultancy BRIGHT.

Topics in Sustainability:


NEW BOOK: "Das Anti-Greenwashing Buch" - Jetzt bestellen!

the book "Sustainability As A Brand Purpose" (in German only)

my online tutorials

the workbook

BRIGHT consultancy

Making Sustainability Your Brand Purpose