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relevance, sustainability and collaboration are the keywords of what I think and do - I am marketing consultant for new brand strategy, new sustainabilty purposes and new work approaches, author of the books beyond digital and nachhaltigkeit als markenpurpose, university teacher and lego serious play facilitator.

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Lern-Box "In 4 Schritten zu sinnvollerem Marketing""

In 4 Schritten Theorie und Praxis der Relevanzmethode lernen sowie bei Interesse den Aufbau-Teil "Nachhaltigkeit" absolvieren!

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Der Step-by-Step Online Kurs zur Relevanzmethode ist live. In 15 Folgen lernst Du die Anwendung der RM für Deinen persönlichen Case, ich führe Dich oder Dein Team durch alle Etappen des Canvas und mache alle Übungen mit Euch, inkl. FAQ in den Kommentaren. Alles for free!

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My main "business" areas:

Brand Strategy

This is my home base, where it all started. Having experienced, how the world changed, what most ad agencies offer vs what most companies need, I developed the Relevance Methodology - a simple framework and workshop concept that helps brands to create relevant relationships with people through topics, conversations, behavior and projects - before working with an agency. The story of its creation, all background info and step by step tutorial on how the methodology works, is available in the book "Beyond Digital - A Brand Approach For More Relevance".


The way we do business has to change. The awareness for this need grows, but few know how to act. In my new book "Nachhaltigkeit als Markenpurpose" ("sustainability as a brand purpose", currently only available in German) I use the Relevance Methodology to help companies create this purpose, with the objective to be more sustainable internally (value creation chain), have a positive effect on the environment and to create relevant relationships with people outside the company to help them live a more sustainable life.

In order to help you put this purpose into practice I have founded the consultancy BRIGHT with friends from the areas responsible communication, circular economy, social media and responsible events. Together we help companies enable transparency, internally and externally. The goal: start change and create impact to get closer to sustainability.

Collaboration & Work Organisation

This area as a direct result from my other consulting topics. What I mean is: I am not a classical new work consultant, but I have helped so many companies in changing their thinking, that helping them to implement this thinking by adapting organisation, workflows and ways of working I automatically became a specialist in this area.

Most solutions are individual, but I work a lot with an approach I call "Canvasation Lab", where we create games that help new teams handle new ways of working. Or I challenge the management by handing over special topics to "circles" (inspired by Holacracy) and train the circles in creating their space & power.


I am official LEGO (R) SERIOUS PLAY (R) facilitator. LSP is a methodology that I like to use when there is a question at stake where the answer is difficult to find or there are many different opinions about that solution in the room.

LSP is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique for use in organisations, teams and individuals. It was developed in 1995 for the LEGO company as a unique workshop method, based on a variety of psychological philosophies, amongst which: “hand learning”.

Lego Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash / Teamwork Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash