The Anti-Greenwashing Way is  a collection of thinking exercises and methodologies to help companies become more sustainable. 

For real!

Sustainability is justifiably the topic of the day, and every company has a duty to do its part. This has nothing to do with social pressure, but rather with one's own conviction. If that's not there yet, that's the part you have to start working on. Your own mindset, and that of your colleagues and employees, in order to then create a convincing plan that you begin to implement. 

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Let's walk the Anti-Greenwashing talk together. Shall we?

Avoid greenwashing

Marketing is in your way, if you really want to be sustainable. The secret and only solution is transparency. It is not "do good and talk about it" it is always "talk about everything you do". 

Step 1
Don't start before you got all fundamentals straight.

First there is the employee and stakeholder involvement - if they are not convinced that this is the way to go, you'll not make it. ItÄs like any other change

Then map out all your impact areas, and even dig the dead bodies up that you thought nobody would ever find - now is the moment! Transparency for you and everybody else is crucial.

And finally build a roadmap. It's going to be a loooooong journey :)

Step 2
Take everybody with you on your way up!

By using a special application of the Relevance Methodology you can find projects to work an various sustainability layers:

Step 3
There is no better thinking and doing without a better working. So: Change the way you work!

If you are serious, you re-create your organizational structure to serve your sustainability goals: Define the right roles and teams and give them purpose and precise tasks. Use the power of your vision and the motivation of your people.

This could look like this.

Das Anti-Greenwashing-Buch

Die neue und komplettierte Auflage meines Nachhaltigkeit-Buches. Mit noch mehr Fokus auf "alles richtig machen", neuem Teil zu B2C vs B2C und "Wie integriere ich Nachhaltigkeit in meine Organisation"

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Making Sustainability Your Brand Purpose

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Eine gute 20 Min Zusammenfassung der Denke und wie man solche Projekte am besten umsetzt. 

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