Download everything you need to do the Relevance Methodology yourself.

Here you will find all exercises that help you in the individual steps of the Relevance Methodology. Explanations to the steps you can find in my books and the YouTube tutorials

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The Relevance Methodology

Deutsches Video "Was ist eigentlich ... die Relevanzmethode?" auf Youtube

my book Beyond Digital - A Brand Approach For More Relevance

online tutorial videos to learn the methodology


I want to start with this workbook. It combines all steps of the methodology with all tutorial videos, master files and explanations. If you have a case you want to work on, the idea would be that you take this workbook and work it through from page 1 to the last. The workbook will guide you and give you alle the information you need at the right moment.

If you scroll a little bit further down you can find the individual parts separately.

RM Workbook

Basic Handout

Whenever I work with a group of people in a seminar, workshop or lecture on a specific case, I'll hand them out a booklet with the master files for the exercises within the RM framework. This is what this doc is. It is basically the workbook without all the explanations. Use this, when you are either with me, or you have done the RM before and know the drill ;) 


RM Basic Handout

Individual Forms

This is the part where you find everything individually. So, whenever I make a reference in my books or tutorial videos for a specific master file, you will find it right here.

There are 3 parts coming now:

(1) First you'll need the framework and/or the canvas. You can find them right here (just click on the image):

RM00 B Framework engl/dt

(2) This is the overview of all steps of the methodology, the appropriate exercises and needed forms (download links see further below), plus the links to the matching YouTube tutorials.:

RM Übungen (Liste)

(3) Here are the downloads to the forms for the exercises - the numbers are corresponding to the overview (see above):