A short introduction to the Relevance Methodology.

In todays world brands primarily have to develop a relevant relationship with people - independent of online or offline channels and short-lived marketing messages and trends.

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Marketing Beyond Digital Trends

With the Relevance Methodology, Kai Platschke offers a proven method for developing sustainable relationships with your customers. This makes your brand and its message digital-ready - without requiring you to take to Twitter or Snapchat yourself. The presented methodology is explained with numerous exercises and cases.

The World Has Changed

The marketing landscape has been overrun by channels and will continue to be overrun by more and more of them. But instead of getting lost in understanding the snapchats of this world, companies need to invest more time in getting their strategy right, not to endanger their brands to get lost in the first place!

And People Have Changed, Too

They still hang out with their friends - maybe more online than before. But brands have to work harder to get into that inner circle. They need a great door opener to that living room ("Playground") and then an idea of what they want from these people, other than selling their product!

The RM Framework

It helps brands to not only define the brand strategy in a way that allows relevance in the first place, but also tackles the steps from strategy to creative in a way, that the newly found relevance doesn’t get lost on the way!

The underlying idea is sometimes known as "human brand". Brands have more and more to behave like human beings - but they have never learned to do that. Brands can shout messages, but not really take part in conversations or even find new friends.

It is a framework application. It has been developed to put a vision into practice, to pose the right questions and to offer a guideline for thinking in a new way. It works like a set of questions and for each question there is a set of tools, which I use in the workshop to find possible answers.

The framework consists of the following eight elements:

You can find all downloads here.

End Game

When you succeed in building relevance and occupy that part in the lives of your people, they will turn to you automatically, and this will save you media budget.

The end game of the relevance methodology is to gain relevance in order to being able to decrease frequency and hence raise the ROI of your ad spendings.

It is finally easier to be someones friend, instead of shouting messages into ears of strangers all the time ;)

Quickie To Try

There is a 2 pages canvas that allows you to try out the thinking behind the Relevance Methodology. Take 1 or 2 colleagues, and a couple of hours of time and just go through it.

You can download the canvas here and you'll find guidelines how to work through it in the book itself.

Have fun and let me know if you need help!


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